Acte Psychoanalysts for supporting Democracy in Brazil

Psychoanalysts for supporting Democracy in Brazil

April, 7th 2016

11:30 am

Institute of Psychology, University of São Paulo

Rua Professor Mello Moraes, 1721 – Cidade Universitária

Auditorium Carolina Bori – Block G

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Psychoanalysts who organize this Act: Christian Dunker, Janete Frochtengarten, José Moura Filho, Miriam Debieux Rosa, Paulo Endo, Rinaldo Voltolini

– In order to respect the outcome of the elections and against the indirect shortcuts to achieve political power;

– In order for rapid and equitable investigation of corruption crimes committed against public property, involving members of the three branches of the government, including all political parties and past governments;

– For the control and punishment of excesses that offends the Federal Constitution and also the brazilian Democratic State committed by police departaments and law agents, nationally and from other levels;

– In contrast to the distribution and maintenance of radio and TV concessions to groups that hurt journalistic ethics in the name of political parties, private and corporate interests.

– Against reactionary agendas from the Chamber of Deputies in Brazil, that now supports the impeachment of the President, including:

  • Attempts against the Statute of Children and Adolescents, the National Socio-Educational Services System and the Federal Constitution;
  • Threats against women’s rights, different families constitutions, social manifestations, labor rights and other offenses to social rights;
  • Against the neglect concerning native populations lands and the privilege for agribusiness;
  • Threats to the secular State through churches influenciation into brazilian Supreme Court;

– Against the progress of the President’s impeachment made by the president of the Congress – Sir. Eduardo Cunha – who is currently been investigated for crimes against the common good;

  • Against the impeachment of the President without the legal conclusion of responsibility crimes.